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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter 復活祭 / イースター

My daughter had her first Easter egg イースター・エッグ hunt this morning. Locating dye for hard-boiled eggs was out of the question, and chocolate Easter bunnies were nowhere to be found (at least not in small cities in central Taiwan), but a half-dozen Kinder Surprises キンだーサプライズ hidden in the living room compensated nicely.

Christmas and Easter in this household are secular activities. I was baptized into the Anglican Church 聖公会 as a child but I don't consider myself a Christian キリスト教, and my wife doesn't concern herself with Buddhist 仏教 or Taoist 道教 activities. We'll leave it up to Amber to decide for herself what (or what not) to believe when it comes to matters of faith. No cults though, please!

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