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Friday, January 15, 2010

From Kyōdō News 共同通信社, by way of Japan Today ("Tiffany jewelry thief suspected in Taiwan heist"

"A jewelry thief who stole at least four rings in Japan last month is suspected in the theft of two rings from a De Beers store in T'aipei (Taihoku) 台北 on Tuesday...An Asian man who spoke broken English made off with two rings, valued at NT$10.5 million (about U.S.$330,000/¥30.18 million) and NT$1.85 million (about $58,000/¥5.3 million), after trying on the rings at the store, located on the second floor of Taipei 101 台北1〇1, a skyscraper in the island’s capital...The thief said he was shopping for a wedding ring for his sister and ran off with the rings after the clerk handed them over for the man to inspect...The theft resembles a Dec 31 incident in Japan involving a similar-looking man who ran off with four rings valued at about $500,000 (¥45.6 million/NT16 million) from a Mitsukoshi 三越 store in Tōkyō 東京...Security camera footage of the two incidents...confirm(s) the resemblance...Taiwanese police officials are working with their Japanese counterparts to track down the suspect."

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