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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

おちゃ ちゃちゃちゃ

Here are a few random photos I took this afternoon, on my way to, in and coming back from the Hsint'ien 新田 hiking trails in T'antzu (Tanshi) 潭子.

A Taoist 道教 god, under wraps from what looked like a recent paint job (and covered in black ants).

The sign appears to read "Lunghsing Sanchuang" 龍興三莊 - Lunghsing Three Villages/Farmsteads/Manors? Whatever it is, it looks patriotic.

Later, my wife, daughter and I had dinner at a teppanyaki 鉄板焼き restaurant at the local Carrefour. The paper cups had cutesy Edo period 江戸時代 scenes splashed on them - mine featured Commodore Perry マシュー・ペリー!

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