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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Typhoon Fanapi 台風11号ファナピ

It's been a strange summer, precipitation-wise. We've had a lot more rain than usual this season, with afternoon thundershowers being an almost daily occurrence, but typhoons have been few and far between (not that anyone is complaining). Our first typhoon of the year has arrived relatively late - Typhoon Fanapi started kicking up wind and water last night, and it was pretty gusty this morning. However, it seems things have quieted down, at least in our area. The above video was taken from the roof of our apartment building around 11am.

And that was pretty much all she wrote, folks. At least in our area, Fanapi was a relatively uneventful typhoon. The result was a boring afternoon for all involved, especially Amber. I did, however, take her up to the roof around 5pm to look at the sky, which is always a sight to behold in the aftermath of nature's climatic furies.

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