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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Just another Saturday いろいろな写真

Snapshots from a Saturday:

An egret fishing for its breakfast.

Amber had a modeling session this morning that lasted for about three hours. Even after it was over, she was still striking poses on the street.

A betel nut beauty plies her trade.

The following picture was taken in the vicinity of the swimming pool where Amber has lessons every Saturday afternoon:
 Next to the pool is the Aiko 愛子 (あいこ) Kindergarten, which describes itself as being "Japanese-style". They have the stone garden to prove it.

The day concluded with a show for the kiddies at the local cultural center. The story had something to do with three cows, a dog, a witch and something of indeterminate taxonomy. I couldn't follow it very well, but the children (Amber included) had a blast with all the call-and-response bits. Afterward, the cast (still in costume) posed for pictures with the kids outside the hall, which I thought was a nice touch.

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