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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Jeff and Barbara Do Taiwan, Part VI

Jeff and Barbara's last day in T'aichung (Taichū) 台中 was spent high above it, in the hills of Tak'eng 大坑, or, to be more specific, on Trails 1 and 2 (and a segment of #5). They were impressed with the lushness of the vegetation, and the variety of insect life. But most of all, it was the Formosan Rock Macaques タイワンザル that will probably be the highlight of today for them. For while we didn't get to actually see any monkeys, we definitely heard them moving about in the trees, and in one brief moment, arguing with one another over some simian matter.

Following the hike, I dropped my friends off at T'aichung Station 台中駅, where they caught a train for T'ainan (Tainan) 台南. As for me, life goes back to normal from tomorrow, at least until the weekend, when I'll meet up with Jeff and Barbara again up in T'aipei (Taihoku) 台北.

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