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Monday, June 14, 2010

What's brewing?

Taiwan Beer 台湾ビール - the local brew favored by the, um, locals as well as delusional long-term expats who have been in Taiwan for, well, too long - is a beer best avoided, unless you believe Budweiser truly is the "King of Beers". Fortunately, the beer market, long the domain of the Taiwan Tobacco and Liquor Corporation 台湾タバコ酒類専売公司, is slowly starting to open up, not only to foreign competition, but also to some home-brewed suds, albeit very tentatively. In the never-ending quest for AOTB (Anything Other than Taiwan Beer), we had lunch this afternoon at one of T'aichung's (Taichū) 台中 small handful of brew pubs, Le blé d'or I had the Wheat Beer while my wife drank a lager, and while I've had much better-tasting microbrews 地ビール (and the food was overpriced), it's difficult to see myself myself drinking another Taiwan Beer ever again, unless forced to do so at gunpoint by an enraged Taike 台客, or one of those foreign frogs enjoying life at the bottom of the Taiwanese well :)

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