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Sunday, April 19, 2009


On a Sunday afternoon that was overcast and threatening to rain, my wife, my daughter and I drove up to Chung-cheng Park to go for a stroll in the hills. Amber had a lot of fun walking up the road backward, racing her mother, looking at flowers and bugs and petting dogs. Further enjoyment was had at the park where we stopped off on the way home so that she could play on the swings and slides. Life can be pretty good when you're three years old.

Fallen blossoms from a Tung Tree アブラギリ.

I don't know the name of this kind of wasp, but it paralyzes spiders and tarantulas, and uses their bodies as food for its young. We watched as the wasp dragged off its unfortunate victim.

Amber amassed a collection of leaves on the walk up.

A Washington Nationals ワシントン・ナショナルズ cap and a Sacramento Kings サクラメント・キングズ T-shirt? Dad sure knows how to pick a winner!

An attractive but unknown (to us) variety of purple flower.

Amber made several canine friends this afternoon. We've been teaching her to ask the owners for permission first before petting their dogs.

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