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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

When the chips are down...

I have an interesting schedule on Tuesdays. Mornings I teach three year-olds at a kindergarten. Afternoons find me in the mountains on walks lasting between two and three hours while the evenings are taken up with a group private lesson with three or four young adults. Today's hike was in the Dakeng area again, and the mountain was alive with fauna. There were colorful insects everywhere, lots of lizards running around (some of whom seemed willing to pose for snapshots), I sighted two long gray snakes slithering through the underbrush and, at the end of the hike, a pair of monkeys appeared and sauntered along the pathway. The photo ops were numerous so, naturally, in accordance with the precepts of Murphy's Law, it didn't take long to realize that I had somehow forgotten to put the memory chip into my digital camera, and there was simply no more space to store pictures. Of course it goes without saying that the next time I head out to Dakeng, this time with a fully armed camera, there won't be a lizard, monkey or snake in sight!

Perhaps to make up for the afternoon's oversight, I took the camera with me this evening (with memory card) and took my first betel nut beauty photo:


I wasn't going to post this as I don't think it's that good, but my wife likes it!

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