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Monday, July 31, 2006

Fine Arts

Today being Sunday, and not a bad Sunday at that weather-wise, Amber, Pamela and I got in the car and drove into Taichung. Our destination was the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts. Here's what it looks like from the outside:

The inside is pretty large, though it could utilize its space better. The main exhibit was "Contemporary Art in Taiwan since 1987". Some pieces were very well done, some were disturbing, some were pretentious and some were just plain ridiculous. In short, a pretty typical art museum exhibition. And it was free (and air-conditioned). Many of the pieces were definitely not appropriate for young children, but that didn't stop a lot of parents from bringing their kids. At least ours, being only six months old, probably won't suffer any long-term emotional scars from the experience. But I have made a note in future to first check out what's on display before allowing Amber to see anything.

Afterwards, we took a long walk along the park that stretches from the front of the art museum down to Nantun Road. Amber really enjoys being outdoors, not to mention being told how cute she is by strangers. I used to think I'd be annoyed by Taiwanese making a big fuss out of a child born to a white father and an Asian mother, but it turns out I'm just another proud dad. Here are some pictures of Amber from today's outing:

(I'm not sure, but could my daughter be telling me something, British-style?)

On the way back to the museum, we passed by an apartment building with a large painting of the Mona Lisa on the wall in front. At least this is how da Vinci would've painted her had he been born and raised in Taichung, Taiwan. In the background on the left is Taichung Park and on the other side is the art museum.

If this is an attempt to win back Taichung's old moniker of being the "Culture City", which disappeared under an avalanche of KTV's (karaoke joints), pachinko parlors, love motels and other questionable business establishments, the town's still got a lot of work to do.

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