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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Hiking in Takeng 大坑のハイキング

Pamela, along with Amber, went to visit her relatives today in her hometown of Hsiluo (Siluo), so taking advantage of the solitude and the nice weather, I went for a hike in the Takeng (Dakeng) area. The good thing about living in Taichung County is that, despite the noise, overcrowding and pollution of the urban areas, the mountains are never far away. There are 9 walking trails in the Takeng area. Trails 1-4 make their way up the Touke Mountain system, with Trail 5 going along the ridge top. Here's a map of the system:


For today's course, I started by climbing up the No. 1 Trail, then walking along the No. 5 to the No. 2, before going down the second trail to the bottom, where I then walked along a mountain road back to the first trail and my scooter. It took less than two hours, and according to the pedometer I was wearing, over 4000 steps. The air quality in Taichung wasn't too good today, so the views from Takeng weren't spectacular, but the mountain itself was blessed with blue skies, with only a few clouds. Butterflies and dragonflies were flying about, and due to the fact that I didn't start the hike until about 1 o'clock, there weren't many people on the trails. The only complaint I had was the sound of karaoke coming up from somewhere below, but these days KTV's are unavoidable in the mountains of Taiwan. Here's a view of a nearby town:


Some local flora 地方の植物相:

The temperature at the top was 29 degrees Celsius, or 84 degress Fahrenheit. The humidity was a little high, though 上の温度は29℃だ。しかし、湿気はちょっと高かった:

Two views taken on the way down the No. 2 Trail. The first view is looking back towards the top of the mountain, while the other shows how steep the wooden staircase can get in some places:

Back to the parking lot for the No. 1 Trail:

A last look back at the Touke Mountains on the road leaving the Takeng area:

Y'all come back now!:

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