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Sunday, April 8, 2007

Saturday 土曜日

I took Amber out this afternoon to meet a former co-worker of mine, Hedy, who is back in Taiwan after spending a few months studying in Canada. We met for coffee at the Stylistics cafe in downtown Fengyuan (Fongyuan) 豊原(とよはら), and afterwards took Amber outside for a short stroll.

While out walking with Hedy, we passed by this yakiniku 焼肉 restaurant. Yakiniku is often translated as "Korean barbeque". The name of this place is 六條龍, "Rokujou Dragon". The name is written in hiragana on the sign as ろくじょうけつ, "Rokujou ketsu". However, as if often the case, there appears to be a mistake. The kun reading for 龍 is たつ, "tatsu", though in the case of a compound リュウ (ryu) would probably be used. The other Japanese words on the sign say 本場のだ ("Homba no da") and 辛いなべ ("karai nabe"), suggesting that this place is a mecca for spicy hotpot.

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