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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Wanderings 歩き回ること

It’s been a typical week here. Busy with work, but with some free moments here and there. On Wednesday 水曜 afternoon, I went for a walk in Chung-cheng (Jhong-jheng) Park 中世公園, where I snapped this picture of a small snake tentatively peeking out of its hole.


Late Thursday 木曜 afternoon, I took Amber out for a stroll in a local park. Some of the kids took a great interest in us.


This morning 土曜の朝 I had some unexpected free time, so I went for a solo hike in the Tak’eng (Dakeng) 大坑 area, this time climbing up the No. 7 trail and coming down the No. 8. Compared to last week, there weren’t as many people out (mainly because I got there after 9am), but it was still too crowded for my liking. I couldn’t complain about the weather, however, as there were some great views of T’aichung (Taijhong) 台中.


For some strange reason, a lifeboat, anchor and propellers had been placed atop a hill about 360 meters (1180 feet) above sea level.


The boat was the M.V. Golden Dragon, out of Keelung (Chilung / Jilong) 基隆


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