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Saturday, September 15, 2007

An awful wreck すごい事故

On my way to work on Thursday afternoon, I passed by this horrible-looking car wreck. I probably wouldn't have noticed it, actually, but for the group of people standing next to it, all of whom were dressed in black. As I rode past, I could hear them chanting, and one person was ringing a small bell, in what appeared to be a Buddhist ritual. I can only assume the accident was a fatal one. It wasn't there in the late afternoon on Wednesday, so it happened very recently. So much has been written on the Net about how bad driving conditions are in Taiwan. Unfortunately, things do not seem to be getting any better.


UPDATE: I learned from a student of mine who lives nearby that the accident involved a scooter that ran a red light (par for the course in Taiwan) and was hit by the car in the above photo. The deceased was a female university student riding the scooter. I passed by the site today (Wednesday, Sept. 19), and this time the wreckage of the scooter could be plainly seen. A life snuffed out all because someone couldn't be bothered to wait a few moments at a traffic signal. What a waste.

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