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Monday, September 14, 2009


This weekend was spent in service to the family, and to my daughter in particular. On Saturday Amber and I went to Chung-cheng Park 中正公園 in Fengyuan 豐原 to do some hiking in the hill above the park. In the past, I've had to use a child carrier to help Amber on some parts of the hikes we've gone on, but on this day she was able to complete both the ascent and descent without hitching a ride on her father's back. Below are a couple of photos of Amber celebrating reaching the top on her own:

Today, we returned to Chung-cheng Park, with my wife in tow, to give Amber the chance to play on the slides there and give her tricycle a spin. In addition, she had fun feeding some fish, and digging into the Taiwanese version of shaved ice カキ氷 (azuki bean アズキ in this case}:

It's weekends like this one why I hope it never becomes financially necessary for me to work on Saturdays again.

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