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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

In the news

I'm not ashamed to admit to being a Japanophile, but my interest in that country and its culture has never extended to anime アニメ and manga 漫画. Truth is I've never seen what all the excitement has been about (though I was impressed with "Akira" アキラ, and I can appreciate the genius of Hayao Miyazaki 宮崎駿). The younger generation in Taiwan, on the other hand, laps up all of the cartoons and comic books it can get its hands on, and now, according to the following article from Japan Today ("Realize Mobile delivers Japanese e-comics in Taiwan"), more sources of Japanese pop culture are about to be procured:

"Realize Mobile Communications, a Softbank ソフトバンク group company, has started to deliver Japanese comic titles to Far EasTone Telecommunications, the major mobile operator in Taiwan. Realize Mobile will deliver the well-known Japanese comics 'ONE PIECE', 'NARUTO' ナルト, 'DRAGON BALL' ドラゴンボール, 'DEATH NOTE', 'HANA-YORI DANGO' 花より男子 from Shūeisha 集英社, and 'HAPPY MANIA' ハッピーマニア from Shōdensha 祥伝社, among others. It is the first mobile bookstore delivering Japanese titles in Taiwan...Realize Mobile hopes to deliver mobile e-comics to other operators in Taiwan, and to provide the service to other areas in Asia, including China."

Now that this is finished, I'll get back to watching old clips from "Speed Racer" マッハGoGoGo, "Gigantor" 鉄人28号 and "Kimba the White Lion" ジャングル大帝, among others, on YouTube.

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