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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Oden, not Odin

One of the interesting things about living in Taiwan for this Japanophile is the humble dish of eggs, daikon ダイコン, konnyaku コンニャク, fish cakes 蒲鉾 and so on known as oden おでん. In Japan, oden is a winter staple not usually eaten in the other seasons. In Taiwan, however, where it is summer nine months out of the year, oden is sold all year round. Tonight, on a pleasantly warm evening after Amber's swimming class, we had dinner from a flatbed oden truck parked along the new ring road that encircles the outer edges of Fengyuan 豐原. The taste wasn't bad, there were a lot of choices when it came to the ingredients, the owners were friendly and the 唐揚げ side dish was pretty good too. I've certainly done a lot worse than this when it comes to Japanese food in Taiwan!

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