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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Amber vs. the Terrible Lizards

We went into T'aichung 台中 early this afternoon (a couple of hours before Amber's regular Saturday swimming class) to go see something called the Paper Windmill Dinosaur Art Expo. After coming, seeing and conquering, I'm still sure what the point of it all was, other than to sell lots of books about dinosaurs. My daughter's expectations, being much lower than mine, were met as she enjoyed watching the show about a baby dinosaur and its mother, going down the long dinosaur slide and having her photo taken with the friendly reptiles. No doubt at some point in the future, a dinosaur of the human variety will inform her that girls should be interested in other things such as Barbies and dolls, and leave the dinosaurs and the trains to the boys. Until that day comes, however, I will encourage Amber to enjoy whatever it is she's interested in. You're only four years old once in this lifetime.

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