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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Amber, meet Nature. Nature, this is Amber.

Amber and I went for a walk this morning in the hills behind Chung-cheng Park 中正公園. The route we went on wasn't too strenuous for a four year-old, the heat wasn't too oppressive and there were plenty of examples of local flora and fauna to check out. A few photos from our outing:

We parked the car at a small Taoist 道教 temple. According to Amber, the censer doubled as a DVD vending machine.

Behind the temple, a stone-lined path led up the hill a short distance to a road (the same one, in fact, we drove up on). Along the way, Amber and a local lizard formed a mutual appreciation society.

Once at the road, it was a leisurely stroll back down to the temple and the car. Amber was fascinated by a struggle between a beetle and a swarm of ants. The black dot to the right of my daughter is the unfortunate Coleoptera, which eventually lost the battle and no doubt ended up as lunch for the ant colony.

Later, Amber was excited to see a small green caterpillar being carted off by another group of ants (my daughter is clearly a fan of the social insects). There were also a lot of butterflies to chase after, and some pretty flowers to sniff, plus the view of Fengyuan 豐原 far down below. Being a suburban kid doesn't mean having to be cut off from the wonders of nature, even in a place as densely populated and urbanized as Taiwan.

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