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Saturday, September 25, 2010


I don't know who either woman is, and I don't really care about them, but one is Japanese and the other is Taiwanese, and the latter doesn't seem to have had her feelings hurt by Japan's occupation of the Senkaku Islands 尖閣諸島 (unlike her Chinese "compatriots"). Kyōdō News 共同通信社 has the story of their mutual admiration society in Japan Today:

"T'AIPEI 台北 — Japanese actress Norika Fujiwara 藤原紀香 and Taiwanese top model Bianca Bai 白歆惠 hit it off while exchanging pleasantries and talking about a day they can perform together during a recent event in Taipei. 'She is so pretty and cute. I want to costar with her as sisters,' Fujiwara said to Bai, who returned the compliment, saying Fujiwara has 'both graceful and sexy' qualities. Bai added that she will be happy to just work with her, let alone star as sisters in the event in which Fujiwara promoted kiwi fruit desserts that she produced with the Zespri brand name. 'I’m ready for a paparazzi tour…I even enjoy revealing all about my lifestyle such as fashion and dining,' Fujiwara said after indicating she was shocked with the round-the-clock media coverage of her last time she came to Taiwan."

I'm shocked about the news coverage too, but not in the same sense as Ms. Fujiwara. Kiwifruit bridges the physical distance between two island nations - perhaps some should be sent to the leadership in Beijing. While they're enjoying their Kiwi treats, they might want to take a look at this excellent overview of the Senkaku situation.

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