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Saturday, October 2, 2010

I'd rant, but I'm too tired

I went to the food court at the local department store this evening to have a bite to eat before my evening classes. After checking out the (few) options, I decided to have a rice omelet with fried shrimp, what the Japanese would call エビフライオムライス. My appearance produced great mirth among the hundreds of workers behind the counter, with one saying "hello", but to her co-workers and not to me (and saying it repeatedly, to the enjoyment of all). There were also comments amongst themselves about how I probably could not speak Mandarin (which is true, but I didn't even get a chance to try). Having endured this infantile and rude behavior on more than one occasion, I did what I usually do in these situations - calmly told them to forget it, and walked over to the next counter, where my order for fried rice with kimchi キムチチャーハン was handled in a calm, professional manner by the single worker present.

The thing with the employees at the first food counter was that instead of being all young people (as is usually the case when this sort of thing happens), I was expected to take this crap from a bunch of middle-aged おばあさん, people who should know better how to treat customers. They wouldn't pull this kind of stunt with a Taiwanese diner, so I was quite happy to take my NT elsewhere.

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