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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Cheese it

We were in the Capita'n Japanese supermarket on Chongde Road in Taichung 台中 this evening, and among the many food samples available for tasting, were some slices of Hokkaidō 北海道 Camembert cheese. Giving a piece to my wife to try, she put it into her mouth and almost immediately pulled a face, and pronounced it to be utterly disgusting. Which just goes to show a couple of things, namely that 1.) Pamela is truly Chinese (culturally speaking) when it comes to foreign foods; and 2.) the Japanese, seeing as they like this stuff, really are different from other Asians. All of which has nothing to do with this short Kyōdō News 共同通信社 article featured in today's issue of the Japan Times ジャパンタイムズ:

"Taiwan and Japan signed a research and technology-sharing protocol on disaster response Friday, the first such agreement to result from a wide-ranging memorandum of understanding inked April 30. The protocol promotes technical and academic exchanges and information-sharing on the prevention of landslides triggered by typhoons and earthquakes, which frequently strike both, as well as research on sand control and post-disaster reconstruction. The protocol was signed in Taipei 台北 at the conclusion of the latest round of economic and trade talks between Taiwan's East Asia Relations Commission and Tōkyō's 東京 de facto mission in Taiwan, the Interchange Association 財団法人交流協会, which undertakes negotiations in the absence of formal diplomatic ties. Friday's protocol is the first document to be signed between the two sides deriving from the 15-point memorandum of understanding that covers economic, legal, cultural, security, environmental, technological and scholastic ties, as well as links between local governments."

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