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Monday, April 25, 2011

Cats 貓「ネコ」

Hope everyone had a nice Easter 復活節「復活祭」. Amber was up early this morning, looking for the chocolate Kinder Surprises the Easter Bunny had hidden during the night in both her room and the living room. The weather was very pleasant today, so of course I took advantage of it by staying indoors the entire day, and giving the apartment a thorough spring cleaning from top to bottom. Our two cats were much smarter than me:

Happy 黑皮 (Hēi​p'í)

This caricature of Amber was drawn by the thirteen- or fourteen year-old daughter of one of my wife's friends, Watermelon Fish (yes, that is her English name). It certainly brings out the アニメ/漫画 side of my child:

According to legend, Easter celebrates the resurrection of Jesus. Not many people know, however, that Christ actually escaped crucifixion and eventually made his way to northern Japan 東北地方, where he married, had kids and lived to be 106, almost as old the celebrated "Kinsan Ginsan" きんさんぎんさん twins. You can visit his grave in the Aomori Prefecture 青森県 village of Shingō 新郷, the "Home of Christ" キリストの墓. You can read about the story on Wikipedia (,_Aomori#Tourist_attractions) or watch this video posted on YouTube:

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