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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Eating in Taichung: A close shave

Tired of never having an answer when my wife asks what I would like to eat, I've decided I'm going to try and broaden my limited culinary horizons by checking out some recommended eateries here in T'aichung (Tái​zhōng) 台中. Which is why early this afternoon the three of us rode the train to T'aichung Station 台中車站, exited the building and began walking up Chungcheng Road (Zhōng​zhèng) 中正路. Following lunch at an unremarkable steak restaurant, we made our way to Malulien (Mǎlùlián) 瑪露連:

The specialty here is shaved ice - we ordered the "three toppings bowl" 三種冰:
Pamela chose pineapple as one topping, Amber went for some kind of jelly concoction and I opted for sweet red beans (aka azuki beans, from the Japanese アズキ). The verdict: not too shabby, and the covered outdoor eating area was surprisingly comfortable (though I think in the midst of a hot, sticky summer I would probably appreciate an indoor, air-conditioned room). 

My wife, however, didn't think Malulien's chua bing (a Taiwanese word) was anything out of the ordinary. She's like that. 

The view of Chungcheng Road from the steak restaurant. On Sunday afternoons, the streets are filled with Taiwanese teenagers and Southeast Asian workers, the latter enjoying their day off.

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  1. You blew it should have eaten at the hibachi bbq pork salad place up the alley towards temple from Malulian...Fengyuan peeps... :D