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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Mummy dearest

Our Sunday afternoon was spent in the cozy (as in "people packed in like sardines") confines of the National Museum of Natural Science 國立自然科學博物館 in T'aichung 台中. We went there to check out an exhibit of artifacts related to burial practices in ancient Egypt, "Quest for Immortality". No photography was allowed inside:

The collection, featuring three mummies (two adults and one child), was well presented, and with good English captioning for the most part. However, unless you really enjoy rubbing elbows with your fellow citizens, the middle of a Sunday afternoon is most definitely not the ideal time to visit!

After getting the lowdown on how the ancient Egyptians approached the topic of death, we checked out the IMAX film Everest. The visuals were stunning, but I probably would've gotten more out of it if Liam Neeson's narration hadn't been dubbed into Mandarin. Amber found the film to be a little on the frightening side (all those avalanches and dizzying aerial shots), and not as much fun at the kiddie corner she explored while we were waiting for the movie to start:

One of these days, I'll have to take her to the Exploratorium in San Francisco . Just something else to add to the Things to do with Amber before I get too old, or die, whichever comes first List.

The hulking mass that is the SOGO Department Store 廣三SOGO百貨 looms menacingly over a parking lot:

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