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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Amber does Easter

Amber shows off what the Easter Bunny left lying around our apartment this Easter Sunday morning. Because chocolate rabbits are well nigh impossible to find in Taiwan (well, at least in our part of Formosa, anyway) a couple of other surprises were left behind in addition to the usual chocolate Kinder Eggs (the kind with the small toy inside) - a packet of jelly beans and a box of Peko-chan Pencil Chocolates ペコちゃんえんぴつチョコレート. After the morning hunt in the living room, the Kaminoge family sat down to enjoy our traditional Taiwanese-style Easter breakfast - a hamburger, a couple of boxes of dànbǐng 蛋餅 (with bacon, in my case), and for Amber, a bottle of strawberry goat's milk.

Happy Easter!

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