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Friday, June 19, 2015


Things have settled down here in Shànghăi 上海 but only after one of the most intense bursts of lightning and thunder I've ever experienced a couple of nights ago. Just like in the old movie Poltergeist, the interval between lighting flashes and thunder booms got progressively shorter, until several bolts struck right in our compound, with the naturally deafening accompaniment that came almost immediately with them. As the storm started to move on, it began to pour in some of the heaviest rainfall I've ever seen, but the deluge was mercifully brief. My daughter somehow managed to sleep right through it.

I had my camera with me today, so I took a few photos on the way to and from work:

Shopfront display on Fùmín Road 富民路

The view I had while drinking a coffee at Dunkin Donuts 

The former Ohel Rachel Synagogue (1921), and its explanatory plaque.

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