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Saturday, April 28, 2018

An Illusory Experience

At the Museum of Illusions...of course

I'm off to Ljubljana tomorrow for the first time in 21 years to visit my friends Barbara and Jeff, who had paid us a visit just this past weekend. This weekend is Open House in Vilnius, during which sixty-two unique architectural buildings will open their doors to the public for free tours. It sounds like it could be very interesting, but I decided instead to spend the afternoon with my daughter, before I jet off to exotic locales over the May Day holiday. We began by having lunch at the Meat Lovers Pub, where I tormented Amber by ordering the horse burger over her protest (she had a standard beef steak). It wasn't the first time for me to go equine, but while I wish I could say the burger tasted like horse, it had more of a spicy beef flavor to it. Still pretty tasty, though:

After lunch it was off to the Vilnius Museum of Illusions, which is just what the name says - you expect to see things like distorted sizes and upside-down rooms, and that's exactly what you receive for your €10 admission fee (see first photo above). The ticket price may've been a little high, but it was a fun experience and my daughter had a great time...

An example of scanimation:

Writing her Mandarin name on the wall with a light pen:

I'm no angel:

The M.C. Escher-influenced Peregrination, by David Macdonald:

Light off...:

...light on:

Toilet humor:

Watching a Tom and Jerry-like Soviet cartoon involving a wolf and a rabbit in a mockup of an 80's-style Lithuanian living room:

Amber and I were both inexplicably mesmerized by this spinning coin:

Speaking of Escher, the corridor leading into the museum had reprints of some of his best-known works lining the walls. Many years ago, I attended an Escher exhibition at a department store in Tōkyō 東京; hopefully I still have the souvenir book somewhere in storage. Looks like I'll be doing some exploration this summer:

After the museum, the two of us stopped for a drink and snack at Crustom (where my daughter helped me brush up on my woefully inadequate Mandarin skills in preparation for our trip to Taiwan in a couple months' time), before taking a leisurely walk back home. Tomorrow I'll be sloughing off to Slovenia...

St. Catherine's Church, now used as a venue for concerts. The twin spires can be seen from our living room

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