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Wednesday, August 9, 2006

Happy Father's Day

Yes, today (August 8) is Father's Day. In Taiwan that is (China doesn't observe a Father's Day as far as I know). In Chinese, the word for father is "Baba". The word for eight is "Ba". As August 8 is the eighth day of the eighth month, you could say today is "Baba", which also sounds like "Father"...get it?

Anyway, this was my first Father's Day (at least in Taiwan), but we didn't do anything special. My wife suggested going out to a semi-expensive Japanese restaurant in town to celebrate, but I didn't get much sleep the previous night and I had to work today, so in the end we ordered out for pizza. It's a little unfair in that Mother's Day is the same in Taiwan as in most other countries (the second Sunday in May), but Father's Day is fixed on August 8 (unlike it being on the third Sunday in June as it is in the US), which means it could happen on any day of the week. Happy Father's Day Dad, and see you tonight after work!

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