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Monday, August 21, 2006

Wujih (Wurih 烏日)

Back when I lived in Tokyo, I would often go out on weekends exploring, armed with a Japanese-language guidebook to Tokyo. I was able to discover a lot of places never mentioned in English-language sources. I've been trying to do the same here in Taiwan, using a Chinese-language guide to Taichung County that I picked up at the local department store. Unfortunately, gems have been few and far between on the excursions so far. Today's outing to Wujih, a small township just south of Taichung, was no exception. The most interesting things to see there were the dishes we had for lunch:

You're looking at a plate of eggs, seaweed, tofu skins, pork skins and ginger. 

Minced meat on top of noodles.

A bowl of (cloudy) clam soup.

Amber had a good time at the restaurant, enjoying all the attention she got from the other diners:

Pamela was able to come up with this composite picture, taken from inside Wujih train station:

Afterwards, we stopped off at Steve's new apartment on Meitsun (Meicun 美村) Road in Taichung. These pictures were taken from his rooftop:

Steve with his son, Eli, and your humble servant in his tastefully understated Shimizu S-Pulse jersey.

The sisters-in-law were in town, so we ended the day by going out for dinner in Fengyuan. Despite the lack of anything interesting to see, it was good to get out of the house. I wonder what we'll do next weekend...

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