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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Swimming 泳いでいる

Today was beautiful weather-wise - sunny, warm but not hot. A good day to head to the swimming pool, which is what we did. Our body of water of choice is the Diore (帝亞 Tiya/Diya) Spa, in Fengyuan on the big road going towards Tungshih (Dongshih 東勢). Diore is in a large, airplane hangar-like building that has all the charm of a Costco, but the water is clean, and there is a nice onsen 温泉 area in the back that is barred to children (Pamela and I took turns using the spa section). I had the pleasure of running into a student of mine there today, a very nice man named Vito. The best part about going swimming today was that, this being almost Halloween and therefore autumn (though you wouldn't know it by the warm temperatures outside), the pool wasn't crowded at all, in contrast to summer, when swimming spots in Taiwan are overrun with screaming children who should be attached to leashes. Our well-behaved little angel enjoyed herself immensely today.

Swimming pools most certainly need a protective god to keep watch over things プールの神

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