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Monday, March 26, 2007

Family Time ファミリーサービス

Today was a pretty relaxing Sunday. We had some heavy rain on Saturday night, but while the skies looked threatening at times, it didn't rain today. So, after watching "World Trade Center" on DVD while Amber was taking her afternoon nap, we drove over to a local park in the late afternoon to let Amber stretch her legs. Following that, we walked over to a nearby night market to have dinner, and check out what was for sale. Not very exciting, but today was a lot better than the previous Sunday.

Across from the park is a recently-opened love hotel, Ch'unshuiyang (Chunshueiyang) 春水漾, or the Spring Water Flow Hotel. A number of upscale/upmarket love hotels have opened in Taiwan in recent years, with Chunshuiyang being a recent edition to the scene in Fengyuan (Fongyuan) 豊原(とよはら). This one has been advertising heavily on the local cable TV channels.

Our dinner at the night market. For NT165 ($5 or ¥590) I had Taiwanese-style oden おでん (Japanese hodgepodge) and a side order of rice flour noodles or "Mifen" 米粉, while Pamela "enjoyed" Ch'outoufu (Choudoufu) 臭豆腐, Taiwan's notorious "stinky tofu". Many Taiwanese, my lovely wife included, swear by it. I, on the other hand, won't allow it to be brought into our apartment.

A stand at the night market selling takoyaki (octopus dumplings), with the words written in Japanese たこ焼.

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