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Sunday, May 13, 2007

In the park with Amber アンバーと公園にいた

This morning, while mom took an early Mother's Day rest, I took Amber in the car to Chung-cheng (Jhong-jheng) Park.

Amber loves being outdoors, and I let her choose which direction we should walk. Naturally, she always wanted to go up, which meant much of the time I had to carry her up steps that were too high for a 16 month-old to scale. Who would've thought a morning in the park with a toddler would end up becoming a workout?

Amber: Daddy, who's the man in the statue?
Me: That's an evil man in Taiwan's recent history.
Amber: Why is there a statue of him?
Me: Unfortunately Amber, as you get older, you'll learn that many people are a little fuzzy on the difference between good and bad.

Self-portrait of a father and daughter enjoying a morning in the park

One thing Amber really got a kick out of at Chung-cheng Park was feeding the carp.

In the late afternoon, shortly after coming home from work, I joined Amber and Pamela on the roof of our apartment building. Another thing that Amber really enjoys is looking at the view. She wanted to get up as high as she could in order to see everything. It worries me sometimes that my daughter doesn't seem to be afraid of heights.

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