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Monday, May 28, 2007

Pool It!

"Pool It" was the title of a forgettable Monkees reunion album back in the late 80s, but I couldn't think of a better title for this post, today, Amber, Pamela and I made our first visit to the local swimming hole this year. 写真をみてください.

On the way, we stopped off at a corner diner for lunch, where Amber did her best Peko-chan impersonation...

Amber vs. ペコちゃん

Lunch consisted of a fried pork cutlet and vegetables over rice for me, while Pamela had chicken-and-rice, pig's knuckle and...pig's brain soup. The latter wasn't as bad as it sounds, actually, if you could get over the fact that the texture was very similar to tofu.

The Diore Spa. From the outside, it looks like a factory, but inside are several swimming pools and a sauna/jacuzzi/hot springs area

Amber had a really great time in the pool, especially compared to her first visit last year, when she was a little unsure of herself. She spent a long time in the water, enjoying quality time with her parental units. I'd like to get her into a swimming class for infants soon.

All that fun in the water can overwhelm even the sturdiest of 16-month-olds

The sun was setting as we were leaving Diore...

...and on the way home we stopped off at a local tea shop, where I picked up some Taiwanese Oolong tea 台湾茶, which I'm planning to send to some former students of mine in Japan as a thank you gift for the help they've given in planning next month's trip

I hope they're not reading this...

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