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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Fun in the water

I was supposed to go hiking in Tak'eng (Dakeng) 大坑 this morning with a couple of friends, but the rear tire on my scooter took a sudden turn for the worse yesterday. Low air pressure, a split tread and a tendency to fishtail when making turns led me to conclude it's safer not to take the bike out on the road, especially as tomorrow I'm leaving for a week-long vacation in Japan. And as it turned out, the weather this morning wasn't very cooperative anyway - it poured!

So instead of going for a walk in the mountains, I went with Pamela and Amber to our daughter's first water familiarization class, in T'aichung (Taijhong) 台中(たいちゅう). Today was actually a trial lesson, and my main concern was how Amber would react to it all. As it turned out, she enjoyed being in the water. And while she cried at times, it was mainly because she wanted to do something other than what the instructor was trying to have all the children do.

The class is designed not to teach infants how to swim, but to get them accustomed to the water. We decided to sign up for six lessons, and I'm looking forward to joining Amber in the pool after I get back to Taiwan. Here are a few photos from this morning. I'd post more, but Pamela would probably kill me if I did so!

Tomorrow I'm off to Japan for a week. I'm going to visit Yoshino 吉野, Omine-san 大峰山 and Koya-san 高野山, and meet up with some former students from my days in Yokkaichi 四日市. It won't be easy being away from my family for seven days, but I do need the break from life in Taiwan.


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