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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

In the news ニュース

Two weeks of American food has left me satisfied but full, at least judging from the way I was a huffin' and a puffin' this morning when I went for a short hike/walk in Hsintian (Sintian) 新田. I haven't put on any pounds after the trip, at least not according to our scale, but I do feel bigger around the waist. It's too bad Taiwanese cuisine will never be approved by weight watchers. It's also too bad the hazy weather prevented me from taking any decent photos today.

Both the Japan Times and the Daily Yomiuri had articles on the victory by Japan over Taiwan last night, 10-2, in the final of the Asian Qualifying baseball tournament for next year's Beijing Olympics, held right here in T'aichung (Taijhong) 台中. It was interesting to note that neither story used the disgusting moniker "Chinese Taipei" to refer to Taiwan.

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