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Sunday, January 6, 2008

A walk through Miaotung (Miaodong) 廟東で歩いていた

Miaodong video 1

Miaodong video 2

I took these videos a few months ago, but only now just got around to posting them on my page at Veoh. Miaotung is a narrow street adjacent to Fengyuan's (Fongyuan) 豊原 main Matsu (Mazu) 媽祖 temple, and is full of small food stands. On weekday evenings and weekends, the street can be packed with people (Miaotung is probably Fengyuan's one and only claim to fame among the Taiwanese populace). The film quality isn't that good, and the images are shaky at times (I was holding the digital camera in the palm of my hand in a feeble attempt at surreptitious filming), but they do give you an idea of how crowded and noisy things can get in a small Taiwanese city (and this was taken before the evening dinner rush).

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