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Monday, January 28, 2008

Amber and I in Taichū アンバーといっしょに台中へ行った

Sunday is the traditional day of rest, and so it was for my wife today. In order to give Pamela some time for herself, I took Amber on her first train ride, going from Fengyuan (Fongyuan) 豊原 to T'aichung (Taijhong) 台中. Actually, my daughter has been on the MRT 台北捷運 in T'aipei (Taibei) 台北, but today was still a first for her. We walked south from the station to the Taichung Central Mall, a shopping center that I hadn't been to since it first opened back in 2001. Father and daughter spent the afternoon checking out what was on each of the mall's floors, before heading down to the first basement level to have lunch. Afterwards, we met up with Steve and his family, and after spending some more time in the shopping center, the six of us walked back to the station. Steve wanted to give his kids a chance to take a train ride, so they rode with Amber and I back to Fengyuan, before returning to Taichung. Amber was pretty excited looking out of the train windows, so I'm looking forward to giving her more opportunities to ride the rails.

Amber on the platform at Taichung Station 娘は台中駅のホームにいる.


I was pleasantly surprised to find an outlet of Daisō ザ・ダイソー in the mall. Our apartment in Yokkaichi 四日市 was stocked to a large extent with things purchased from the local branch there of the 100-yen shop 100円ショップ chain, so seeing a Daisō here in Taichung brings back some memories. Instead of everything being 100 yen, however, in Taiwan Daisō is promoted as an NT39 store (39のSHOP). The photograph shows Amber happily polishing off a bowl of 茶碗蒸し ("savory egg custard") at the 回転寿司, or "conveyor-belt" sushi bar where we had lunch.

Amber had a great time with Zoey and Eli!

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