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Sunday, February 3, 2008

Walking up to Kannon-sama 観音様を訪ねている

I met up with Michael Turton on Saturday morning to do a couple of hours of walking. Joining us was one of my students, Roddick Chou. We began by walking up a trail that led to a Kuanyin (Guanyin) Temple 観音寺, situated on top of a low hill overlooking the Central Taiwan University of Science and Technology 中台科技大學. The weather was cold and the sky was overcast (making for poor lighting when it came to taking taking pictures), but at least it didn't rain (and the sun did make a brief appearance at one point). From the Kuanyin Temple, we did a loop through the hills, taking several trails that led up and down, before eventually returning to our starting point. It felt good to be out despite the chill, and it was great to have Roddick along for the walk. I'd like to do it again soon!


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