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Friday, February 22, 2008

Peach Blossoms 桃花

One of the biggest differences between Japan and Taiwan is the climate. I used to think it funny when Japanese would proudly inform me that their country was unique in having four distinct seasons, but after several years in Taiwan I'm beginning to see (part of) their point. One of the most obvious signs of the differences in climate is that while much of the Japanese archipelago is being blanketed in snow (Okinawa 沖縄 excepted), at the same time in Taiwan, certain types of flowers are beginning to bloom. Plum blossoms 梅花 and cherry blossoms 桜 are notable early arrivals here. On Tuesday, while out for a walk on a glorious morning in the Chung-cheng (Jhong-jheng) Park 中正公園 area of Fengyuan (Fongyuan) 豊原, what appeared to be peach blossoms were already starting to emerge.

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