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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Ain't No Mountain High Enough

It was back to Dakeng this afternoon for the first time in about a month. Three weeks ago I was in Japan (has it been that long already?), two weeks ago my feet were too sore from all the walking I had done in Japan, and last week I stayed home to tend to Amber, who was suffering from a fever. Today, though, the planets were in proper alignment, and I was thus able to get out and into the mountains. The weather remained sunny most of the time, and the only thunder heard was when I was walking back to my scooter along the road (the best time to hear it IMO). Compared to the six and a half hour trek up, down and through Hiko-san 英彦山 at the end of last month, today's two-hour fifteen-minute hike up the No. 3 Trail and down the No. 2 felt like a stroll, though the high humidity ensured my clothes received a thorough soaking of 100% pure Kaminoge sweat. The lizards didn't seem to mind:

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