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Sunday, December 13, 2009


I've been using the same laptop for more than five years now, and it's now showing its age. Actually, it started showing its age from a long while back, but I've been putting up with slowing operating speeds, jammed keys and occasional small electric shocks because basically I'm too cheap to buy a new one. Today, however, my wife convinced me to go to a large computer show in T'aichung 台中 to see what's out there, both in terms of the latest models and current prices. I saw some reasonably priced laptops for less than NT19,000 ($590/¥52,520). Prices certainly have come down over the years since I bought my first computer, a Tōshiba 東芝, for around $3000 in the mid-90's, so I'm now officially in the market. While I mull over the many brochures we picked up this afternoon, here a few photographs to share with you...

The show was held at Taichung's now-disused Shuinan Airport. We parked our car on what was once the runway, and in the background can be seen a couple of old airplane hangars:

Being a red-blooded all-American male, in addition to computers, I was also keeping an eye out for what the Japanese like to call コンパニオン, women who present products at car or electronic shows. However, the computers were more interesting. With the exception of the stunning woman working at the Sony ソニー booths, most of the promotional models were dressed like race queens. While there's certainly nothing wrong with that (insert smiley face here), the dancing was atrocious and too many ridiculous games were played. Of course, I couldn't leave without a couple of pictures:

Some of the High-definition TV's on display were showing a Japanese music program featuring KONISHIKI:

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