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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Interconnected Disconnectedness

It isn't easy observing a holiday like Christmas in a non-Western culture, particularly the secular aspects of an otherwise religious occasion. If we were Christians, we could just join the nearest church (like the Presbyterian one a few blocks from our apartment building), but we're not, and we haven't (and won't). As December 25 falls on a Friday this year, both my wife and I will have to go to work and my daughter's kindergarten will hold classes as usual, so we will have to wait until the next day to let Amber open her presents that have been sitting under the tree (once we finally get around to wrapping them and putting them there, that is). Speaking of trees, due to the cramped living conditions of our small apartment, ours is, well, pathetic. It's artificial, for one thing, and smaller than even my daughter. Amber, though, got a kick out of decorating it with the few ornaments we have, and seems genuinely satisfied with how it looks. I've vowed to get a bigger, better one for next Christmas, but in the meantime, it seems my little 娘 has grasped the meaning of "A Charlie Brown Christmas" without having ever seen the cartoon (something that will have to be rectified someday)


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