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Friday, June 3, 2011

My daughter, the budding young タレント

I had the pleasure this afternoon of seeing Amber briefly being interviewed on a local cable news channel. The interview took place yesterday afternoon at Fēngyuán's 豐原 cultural center, where Amber's class participated in some promotional activities for a Dragon Boat Festival 端午節 show this Saturday (also at the cultural center). My daughter and her classmates will be representing her kindergarten at the event, where they will perform the same taiko 和太鼓 drum routine that they did for Mother's Day (see here: Proud dad that I am, I've embedded the video of the news report below. Amber first appears around the 2:35 mark, then again from 3:00 to 3:10, and at 4:00. Her interview takes place at about 4:15 into the clip:

If you're wondering what she says, it's "玩迷宮,因為可以得到香包", or "Wán míkūng, yīnwèi k'ěǐ tétào hsiāng pāo". If you're still wondering what she was talking about (as I was before my wife translated this for me), she was explaining how she able to get a hsiāng pāo 香包, a small bag full of fragrance used on the occasion of the Dragon boat Festival, by playing a maze game. If you have no idea what a hsiāng pāo is, Wikipedia explains it as a "sachet", or "scented bag" (日本語:匂い袋) - you can read about it here, or take a look at the picture I copped, er linked from Google Images below:

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