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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Cultural Revolutions

Amber and her kindergarten class reprised their Mother's Day performance this morning at the cultural center. A reporter from a local newspaper was walking around taking pictures - my wife, unfortunately, didn't think to find out which paper, so we might have to do some hunting around in the next couple of days to see if my daughter is turning into a media star:

Amber and her partner loosen up before the show:

After the performance, all the kids got a Doraemon ドラえもん eating utensil kit and a bottle of soap bubble solution:

There were tables set up outside the cultural center with various activities for the kids. A couple of things caught my eye, like these wooden shoes with Japanese words and phrases written on them (I'm not sure what さんすく means):

タケテッポウ, or "bamboo gun" (竹鉄砲), on the other hand, does make sense:

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