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Sunday, July 31, 2011


It's about bloody time. LiveJournal appears to have finally worked out its server issues regarding image insertions on blog entries. Maybe. I hope...

Squint, and you may just be able to make out the Japanese writing on the sign for this boutique near Sanmin Road 三民路 in T'aichung 台中.

By "Japan's Type Pork Chop", do they mean tonkatsu 豚カツ? And if so, do they cook it in too much batter, and offer ketchup as a condiment to go along with it?

Sanchōme 三丁目「さんちょうめ」, self-proclaimed purveyors of "cheap barbecue" P'íngchià shāok'ǎo 平價燒烤.

Amber and I went to T'aichung's Metropolitan Park 臺中都會公園 yesterday afternoon. In addition to riding her bike around the park, my daughter also polished off an ice cream and vanquished a giant ladybug.

The park is noted for its giant phallus, the most important of the icons venerated by followers of the region's fertility cult.

The weather was clear enough for nice views of the city, though not pristine enough to provide a glimpse of the mountains on the opposite side of the basin from the park.

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