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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Date spots

It's hard to believe (but then again, not, considering where I am), but the Ch'ingshui (Qīng​shuǐ) Service Area 清水服務區, located on National Highway No. 3 福爾摩沙高速公路 (aka 國道三號) is considered a local sightseeing spot. This is supposedly due to the "scenic night view" to be seen from the rest area, but in actuality there are much better viewpoints in  Ch'ingshui and around. That doesn't stop the hordes from coming, though obviously the main reason is to eat and shop. This evening, however, the service area was relatively quiet. As my wife suggested, seeing as today is Chinese Valentine's Day 情人節 (, perhaps most couples are at motels instead. Hubba hubba...

A small aquarium that included some jellyfish drew a lot of interest. Amber took a few pictures which can be seen on her blog:

The Korean Wave hasn't apparently washed up in Ch'ingshui yet, but signs of Cool Japan were everywhere.

Father and daughter in our Okinawa 沖縄 outfits.

The heartwarming story of Taiwan Coffee.

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