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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Random musings on a random Friday evening in Fengyuan

Even a typically ugly concrete-and-neon Taiwanese urban area such as Fengyuan (Fēng​yuán) 豐原 can sparkle for a few minutes in the twilight's last gleaming:

The local Pacific Department Store is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, and nothing has been spared for the celebration. As I was walking by this evening, the street had been closed off, a stage had been erected and chairs had been set out for a free concert later in the evening:

And who was the big star lined up for the show? None other than Liu Ze Chen 劉子千. Who? The no-talent son of a well-known songwriter, whose video has become a local viral hit for all the wrong reasons. You can judge it for yourself:

Yes, Fengyuan attracts all the stars'...offspring.

The writing is on the wall:
Your increased satisfaction fashion leader!

The Taiwanese people have been very generous donators in the wake of the triple disasters that affected Japan on March 11 東日本大震災, but the cynic in me suspects that the proceeds from the sale of this T-shirt won't be making their way up to the Tōhoku region 東北地方 anytime soon:


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