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Monday, February 27, 2012

227: Fore!

On a cold, drizzly pseudo-holiday (I was free this morning and afternoon, but had to go in to work this evening for three hours), Amber and I met up with my friend Steve and his two kids, plus several students of his (a father and his two sons) to hit some balls at a driving range. It was a lot of fun taking cuts at golf balls, though my game was inconsistent - towering drives would be sandwiched between shots veering too far to the right (much like the Republican Party). I'm also worried about how my shoulders are going to feel tomorrow morning. Amber didn't have much success at driving the ball, but by the end of the session she was making some shots. The most important thing was that she enjoyed herself, and she said she would like to do this again.

What Taichung 台中 looks like when viewed through the netting of a golf driving range:


  1. Did you take your own clubs? Whenever I go to hit balls, they give me a 7-iron. That doesn't look like a 7-iron in Amber's hands (though the angle makes it a little hard to tell).

  2. My friend Steve has a set of clubs, which everyone used. Amber was swinging an 8-iron.