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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

228: Fixin' a Hole

A day of squashed plans on the last of four consecutive holidays. First, the rain washed away plans to take my daughter cycling, so we decided that this day would be ideal for some swimming in an indoor pool. However, after preparing our swimsuits and towels, and heading out the door, we found that the key wouldn't turn the lock. My wife, who had to work today, also had the same problem this morning and, as a result, had to leave the front door unlocked. So, instead of an afternoon at the pool, we had to wait for a locksmith to come over and fix the lock. Even a short trip we made later this afternoon, to return a DVD and to buy some tape at a stationery store, turned into a small disaster when Amber slipped and fell outside of Blockbuster Video, slightly skinning her knee (which didn't stop my little drama queen from milking it, a trait she inherited from her mother). As I write, though, Amber is happily plopped in front of the computer, playing a Word Girl game on the PBS Kids website. Rainy day activities for a 21st century child.

Before calling the locksmith, the two of us ventured out in the rain to buy something to eat from a convenience store. Along the way, I took this photo of our neighborhood's lone blooming cherry tree:

Amber, however, managed to do better with the same camera and the same subject:

You can see the pictures she took here

Momo isn't the brightest of felines, but he's no idiot when it comes to keeping warm

I've seen some pretty awful architecture in Taiwan, but this building is one of the more "special" cases.

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  1. "I've seen some pretty awful architecture in Taiwan, but this building is one of the more 'special' cases."

    Great building! Bad one of the apartments wasn't another color, like orange or purple.